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Year 6

Home Learning

Home Learning 

We are moving into the final week of our school closure. This is the FIFTH week of the Blue Peter badge challenge. 


For those of you who missed it, Blue Peter launched their 6 Badges of Summer (see the above poster) a month ago.  Each week, they will be celebrating a different Blue Peter badge and giving you the opportunity to earn one.   Visit here to find out more: ttps:// 


Below is your home learning for this week. Click on the internet links on the grid to explore them and complete a range of tasks.  At the bottom of the grid are 3 special learning tasks for you to complete: Let's Create, Let's Explore/Wonder and Let's Talk. Don't forget to go onto Purple Mash where you will find a new set of 2Dos to complete. 


BBC Bitesize Daily

On the home learning grid above there is a link to the new BBC Bitesize daily lessons. There are lessons here for each day, Monday to Friday. Take a look Y6 .



For all First News fans, here are the links for you to read last week's and this week's editions of our popular children's newspaper:


Below are the PowerPoints we have used in school to prepare the children for moving to high school.  Please look at them, perhaps one or two per day.  They mention a 'workbook' which I have attached at the bottom, but if you cannot print it out, you can just write the answers on some paper or talk about them.  Good Luck.

Home Learning Stars of the Week 08.06.20

Home Learning Stars of the Week 01.06.20

Chefs of the Week 13.05.20

Please contact me by emailing if you have any questions.  Also, if you use this email address to send me some photographs of your work, I can see what you have been doing and share some of it here: 


Some more of the fabulous work you have been doing Y6!

Below are all the animations completed on Purple Mash.  Well done to the children who attempted this 2Do:

How to split up the time each day during Lockdown