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Year 1

Welcome back children!


Hello and welcome to Year 1! 


I am delighted to be your new teacher and look forward to working with you and your families this year.


I am Miss Dublin, your new class teacher.

Mrs Blakeley and Mrs Robinson support the children within class and are in school daily.


The newsletter is attached below which outlines routines and what your child will be learning this half term.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff. You can get in touch using the class email address


Thank you.

Our chosen charity

In year 1 we will be supporting a local charity which is Bury Gateway Charity.


Bury Gateway was formed June 1982 by Hazel Brookes and Margaret Barker. Both worked in an unit for people with special needs attached to a learning disabilities day centre. After getting to know users of those attending the centre, they came to realise that many had no independent social life. Out of this Bury Gateway was created as part of the national association of Gateway Clubs across the country.

First opening at the Freetown Mission in Bury for their first social evening with forty members, it soon became apparent that people were meeting each other for the first time in many years and in some cases since leaving school.

As Bury Gateway expanded its membership, many of the users were people with learning disabilities and difficulties who did not attend day centres or adult services due to ineligibility. This became of great concern to Bury Gateway staff and volunteers as it was clear that many were isolated and vulnerable in their often lone environments.

Bury Gateway gained funding from the National Lottery after its move to the Mosses Centre in 
2002. This funding allowed them to create a 'drop in' day service for those who did not qualify for day centre or adult services. No other service within Bury offers the same opportunity for adults with disabilities. This had become vital for many of Bury Gateways members, who without such service, would most likely return to isolated livelihoods.

Bury Gateway is no longer part of a national association and operates independently via funding and donations.

Bury Gateway Charity