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Year 4

Hello to children and parents of Year 4! laugh (January 2021)


Due to Covid19, school is currently closed to most children. However, your teachers are still available to teach and support you.


Mrs Brodmann teaches the class on a Monday and Tuesday, Mrs Fiaz on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Mrs Hill and Miss Wylie support the children within class.


It has been such a strange start to 2021 for us all. However, during this lockdown, learning must continue. Class teachers are setting remote learning daily via Google Classroom.


Please head over to our Home Learning tab to learn more, or log straight onto Google Classroom to see which lessons await. laugh

Snapshot of homelearning

Welcome to Class 4


We are looking forward to a busy and exciting year in Class 4. 


Ms Brodmann will be teaching on a Monday and a Tuesday. 

Mrs Fiaz will be teaching on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Mrs Hill and Miss Wylie will support class 4 throughout the week. 

Below is our newsletter which gives you more information about what is happening this half term.  I have included some links for you to share learning with your children.



Reflection time in Class 4. Why Mrs Hill is special.

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