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Hi everyone hope you are all safe and well.  Just to remind you during this time of school closure please have a go at completing some of the home learning activities below and then send your masterpieces to me at  


I always look forward to hearing from you and love seeing your work. 

Take care Mrs Tonge  smiley

Nursery - Home learning – click on the icons below to open up a website.
Please email any work to  to feature on our class page on the website.

Check out our Holy Trinity Family Challenges too! Thank you.
















Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 13th July 2020

Let’s create

This week's learning homework is all about going on a scavenger hunt around your home.  So on this theme can you create your very own a treasure map?



Let’s explore/wonder

Go on an inventor scavenger hunt!

  • Find something that you turn
  • Find something that is bumpy
  • Find something that is metal
  • Find something you put together
  • Find 3 things that are round
  • Find something you twist
  • Find something shiny
  • Find something you can roll
  • Find a tube
  • Find something clear
  • Find something that you can bounce

Let’s talk

Now lets go outside on a scavenger hunt!  In your garden or backyard can you find the following items? How many can you find? Talk to a grown up about what you find.

  • Find 3 kinds of leaves
  • Find something yellow
  • Find 2 sticks
  • name something you see in the sky
  • Find a bird
  • Find a bug
  • Find 3 different coloured stones or rocks
  • Find something that is round


Don't forget, please send me a photo of all the things you find.

Good luck scavenger hunters!



Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 6th July 2020

Let’s create

This week's learning homework is based around the book 'The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet' and 'The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past' by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter. Click on the picture book below for a link to listen to the story.


 Off we Go!


Can you design a rocket to help Danny and the dinosaur get into space. 

Design your rocket and get ready for count down!


Let’s explore/wonder

Making Volcanoes

In the story 'The Dinosaur that pooped the past!' there is a volcano that needs putting out by pooping! Can you make your own volcano by combining some special ingredients.


(To read the story click on the book below)


You will need a grown up to help you with this activity. When you are ready make sure you go somewhere where it's safe to make a mess!

You will need:

Glue, vinegar, paper, a piece of cardboard, tape, small plastic container, food colouring, paint, baking soda, flour.


Assemble your volcano!

* Glue the small container onto a square of cardboard.

* Crumple up paper and place around the container so they begin to form a cone shape

* Mix half a cup of flour and half a cup of water together until it forms a glue like consistency

* Rip some newspaper into strips. Dip each strip into the glue then start placing the strips onto the volcano shape.

* Keep on sticking strips all around until it forms the shape of a volcano.

Leave it to dry overnight.


Let’s talk

(Continuing with the volcano theme!!)

Once you volcano model is dry paint it so it looks like a volcano.

Now take it outside to make it explode!

* Half fill the container at the centre of the volcano with baking soda.

* Mix a little red food colouring with some vinegar.

* Now pour the vinegar into the container at the centre of the volcano!

Stand back and enjoy!!!!!





Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 29th June 2020

Let’s create

This week's learning homework is based around the book 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French. Click on the picture book below for a link to listen to the story.



In the story Oliver only eats chips until he spends time with his granddad trying new vegetables. 

Using what vegetables you may have in your kitchen cupboard have a go at creating some veggie print patterns like the picture below!


Let’s explore/wonder

Veggie measurements! Time for a vegetable investigation.

Use a chosen vegetable to measure some items in your house!


1. Choose your vegetable (Carrots are good).

2. Pencil and paper ready.

3. Get measuring

4. Note down how many units (Carrots) high and long the items are.

Have a go at measuring your bed, table, door, bookcase, television and anything else you fancy!

Have fun noting down and send us your results!



Let’s talk

Oliver only eats chips until he tries different vegetables grown in his granddad's garden.  Eating chips all the time is not very healthy. This week's task is to talk about which foods are healthy and which foods are not healthy. When we talk about unhealthy foods we mean those foods and drinks that we shouldn’t have ALL the time, those you might have as a treat.   


Can you then do some healthy sorting?



Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 22nd June 2020

Let’s create

Read the story 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. (Click on the picture book below for a link)

In the story Zog went to dragon school and each year had to learn and do a different task for his teacher. For example learning to fly, breathe fire and roar! Unfortunately Zog was unsuccessful.  However, he finally earns a star catching a princess.  Can you create your own rosette reward like Zog's? Can you make a reward in another shape? All you need is some scissors, paper and something to make it a nice colour. 

Don't forget to send a photo of you wearing your design!

Let’s explore/wonder

Dragon Dance

For the festival of Chinese New Year people dress up as dragons to perform and ward off evil spirits! Can you design your own dragon dance?



How long will your dance last? Could you make a special dragon mask to wear when doing your dance?


Have a look on the internet and see if you can plan your moves. The dances you can watch are amazing!






Let’s talk

In the story Zog goes to school for many years.  He learns to roar, to breathe fire and to fly.  What school rules do you think dragons have? They might be a bit different to the school rules in our nursery!

With the help of your parent or carer can you think of other rules for dragons?  For example 

* You must not fly around the classroom

* You must not breathe fire!



Let your imagination run wild!


Sports Day 2020!

This year sports day is going to be very different.  

Take a look at the home learning page for further details 



Wow! great maths work!

Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 15th June 2020

Let’s create

Read the story 'Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox' by Julia Donaldson. (Click on the picture below for a link)

Princess Mirror-Belle boasts she lives in a very posh palace with maids and guards to hold her fathers beard! Create your own princess castle or palace and think about shapes you have used.

Your palace may be made of things around your house to stick together – empty loo rolls/cereal boxes etc. 


Let’s explore/wonder

Can you remember all the things Princess Mirror-Belle did to make a cure for the dragon pox?


The Princess uses lots of strange things for a cure! What other things in your bathroom could you use to make a cure for the dragon Pox? What would you cur smell like? What colour would it be?




Let’s talk

Make yourself into Ellen! How much toilet roll will it take for you to cover different parts of your body?

First pick which parts of your body to cover! Wrap your toilet roll around that bit. Rip your last sheet. Count how many sheets it took to wrap that body part! How many sheets is your leg? How many sheets does it take to go round your head? Will anyone do the whole Princess and wrap all of you?


(Of course return your sheets to the bathroom once you’ve finished and please don’t take the last one!)


Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 8th June 2020

Let’s create

Read the story book 'The Princess and the Wizard' by Julia Donaldson.

(Click on the picture below for a link).  

This week's creative task is to make your very own wizard's hat and wand. 


Let’s explore/wonder

In the story 'The Princess and the Wizard' each day the princess has to change herself into a different animal and object to try and escape from the wizard. Look back again at the pictures in the story book and see if you name each one and their colour. 


I wonder, what animal or object you would turn yourself into if you had to escape from the nasty wizard?





Let’s talk

Statues! At  the beginning of the story the wizard turns the party guests into stone.  Can you stand as still as a statue?



Put on some music and have a dance! Get someone else in your house to stop the music when you are not looking. Freeze still like a stone statue! Can you do it ? How long can you freeze for? Who is the best statue in your house?


This weeks super wizardry art work! Well done!

This week's super home learning work!


Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 1st June 2020

Let’s create

Make your own stars!

You could draw them and cut them out. Can you make stars in different sizes and patterns? Perhaps you could make them out of different materials. You could try play dough or salt dough. Why not make some star biscuits and ice them.

Can you describe the stars you made? Are they stripy, shiny, sparkly, smooth, zigzagged, soft etc?

Which one do you like the best and why?

Can you make one that looks like a diamond in the night sky?



Let’s explore/wonder

What is a star? Where and when do you see them? 



Feeling energetic? Why not do some star jumps! See how many you can do, counting as you go.


Let’s talk

Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.


Have fun singing or saying the rhyme together. Make your own actions for the stars twinkling in the night sky. When you talk about up above, reach up high.


Click on the picture below to hear the nursery rhyme

 Discover more about the holy festival of Eid al-Adha with this super song from The Let's Go Club on the cbeebies website.





All the teachers in Early Years would like to wish everyone a very Happy Eid.


We hope you all enjoy this very special time with your family and loved ones.

Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 25th May 2020

Let’s create

Snails have a shell with a spiral pattern on them. Can you create your very own snail spiral dangler!


Let’s explore/wonder

Read together the story book 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson Click on the picture below for a link.  



Let’s talk

With your family have a go at making some yummy chocolate snail wraps!



Have fun eating your snails!




Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 18th May 2020

Let’s create

A Superworm picture! This week the topic is worms! There are lots of stories about worms for you to read.  One of my favourite stories is called 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson.  Click on the picture below to listen to it.  This week's creative task is to paint, draw or create a junk model of your very own worm.  Maybe you could add a superhero cape and mask to your picture!  Whatever you decide to create, please send me a photo of your work.

Let’s explore/wonder

Worms! Yuck!  Watch the video clip below to find out lots of interesting facts about worms. 

Can you find the answers to the following questions; Where do they live? What do they eat? How many legs do they have? and how do they make tunnels underground? 

You could even go on a worm hunt around your garden or at the park.  How many worms can you find? Send in your number!      

Let’s talk

Wiggly Woo - Listen to the nursery rhyme 'Wiggly Woo'. 

Sing the nursery rhyme to all your family remembering to have a go at the actions. Can you find a wiggly woo at the bottom of your garden?







Super Spider Homework Tasks for this week

           Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 11th May 2020

Let’s create

A spider or spiderman picture! This week the topic is spiders! There are lots of stories about spiders for you to read.  One of my favourite stories is called 'The Very Busy Spider' by Eric Carle.  Click on the picture below to listen to it.  This week's creative task is to paint or draw a spider picture. Remember a spider has 8 legs so count and draw  carefully the right number. You may even decide to make a spider model using junk materials.  Whatever you decide, send me a photo of your work.


Let’s explore/wonder

 Pets - Share with your mum, dad, sister or brother the story 'Aaarrrggh Spider!'. (Click on the story book below) Explore how the spider in the story wanted to be the family's pet.  If you could have a pet what would you choose to have?  Would it be a cat, dog or something unusual like a snake or bearded dragon! Draw a picture and send it to me.









Let’s talk

Incy Wincy Spider - Listen to the nursery rhyme 'Incy Wincy Spider'.  Sing the nursery rhyme to all your family remembering to have a go at the actions.







Home Learning Baker Star! Yummy!

Mixing cakes with mummy!

Still image for this video

Great cutting skills

Making a scary dinosaur at home with my sister

Still image for this video

            Look at this week's home learning work

      based on the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

Great to see one of our youngest children having a go at completing our homework tasks. Brilliant work!

Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 4th May 2020

Let’s create

A Fruit Salad - Read the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. (Click on the picture/link below).  Talk about all the different kinds of fruit the caterpillar ate.  Have a go at making a delicious fruit salad.  Send me a picture of your creation!





Let’s explore/wonder

 Different kinds of fruit - Explore your fruit bowl.  Can you name the different types of fruit?  Which is your favourite? How many pieces of fruit do you have in the bowl? Can you sort them into different types? (E.g. bananas, apples)  Can you make a pattern with the fruit? Send me a photo of your work just like the one I've made below!



Let’s talk

Caterpillar to butterfly! Talk to your family about the life cycle of a butterfly.

The hungry caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly.  Click on the picture below to watch a video of how a caterpillar changes.













Look at what the children in nursery has been up to! Fantastic work!

             Please keep sending in your lovely photos

                    for all your friends to see!

       Nursery Home Learning Tasks: 27th April 2020


Let’s create

A farm animal picture - Read the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson. (Click on the picture/link below). Draw or paint a picture of your favourite farm animal from the story. Talk about the sounds your animal makes, where it lives and how many legs it has. Send me a picture of your creation!





Let’s explore/wonder

 Farm animals - Find out about the different animals which live on a farm.  Find out what sounds they make, where they live and what their babies are called. For example a pig lives in a sty, makes the sound 'oink, oink' and has baby piglets.






Let’s talk

Happy Birthday Captain Tom Moore! Talk to your family about who Captain Tom Moore is.  Talk about what he has done and why. On Thursday it is his birthday and he will be 100! Can you make a special birthday card for him?





Hi everyone I hope you are all safe and well.  I was in my garden at the weekend enjoying the sunshine and noticed many different signs of spring.  Daffodils, tulips and blossom beginning to bloom, birds singing in the trees and even a bumble bee came visiting a nearby flower!

(Even my pets Archie my dog and Molly my cat enjoyed playing in the sun!)


This week have a look out of your bedroom window or go outside into your garden and look for signs of spring.  What can you see?  Take a photo or draw a picture and send it to me to share all your friends at

I look forward to seeing your work.


Below is also an additional list of some fun things to do with your parents or carers support and help.


  • Keep fit activities can be found on Youtube for example 5 minute moves with Joe Wicks the body coach. You can also join Joe each morning at 9 a.m for P.E.
  • Search for Spread the happiness TV channel on Youtube to join Shonette live everyday at 9.30 a.m. for dough disco and 1 p.m. for a story based challenge.
  • Search Jack Hartmann kids music channel on Youtube for fun counting songs - count to 10, What colour is it? and shape songs
  • See 50 fantastic ideas to try at home on the website


Take care and keep busy!


Mrs Tonge