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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent Statement


Holy Trinity is a diverse and vibrant school community.  Children from many cultures enter through our school gates with a limited range of experiences.


Our curriculum will give children knowledge and understanding of our world, which will allow them to take their place in it.  They will:

  • develop the language and vocabulary they need to understand and talk about what they learn and what they know.
  • meet a wide range of people of different cultures and experiences, from history, science and the arts.
  • travel through the world, near and far, to extraordinary locations and famous places.
  • learn basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics which will prepare them for life beyond Holy Trinity.


We will:

  • make use of children’s own experiences to anchor their learning in the familiar but also widen their experience.
  • give them a sense of place in Bury, in the UK and in the world.
  • weave our school ethos, Christian Values and School Promise through the curriculum.
  • develop resilience in all children through the opportunities we provide for them.
  • develop children’s ability and confidence to be active citizens, able to make a difference in the world.


Children will leave Holy Trinity as confident and competent learners who possess the skills, knowledge and language to contribute to their community and continue their learning in high school and beyond.