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Aims and Objectives


PE provides pupils with the opportunity to learn how to be successful participants in physical activity. It allows pupils to understand what physical activity looks and feels like and how with practice they can improve their skills sets to reach high quality outcomes.

It is our intention for at Holy Trinity children to develop a greater understanding of the benefits of physical activity and healthy living. Children need to practise skills on a daily basis to show commitment to keeping their bodies healthy.  This will promote long term healthy, active lifestyle choices. This is also enhanced through building a curriculum that enables children to develop knowledge, skills and vocabulary in a broad range of sporting activities, as well as developing values and transferable life skills such as teamwork, resilience, fairness and respect. We encourage children to always look for their personal best.


In order to promote active and healthy lifestyles all children should:

  • be physically active
  • adopt the best possible posture and appropriate use of the body
  • engage in activities that develop cardio vascular health, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance
  • understand the need for personal hygiene in relation to vigorous physical activity
  • Understand the importance of positive and healthy minds 


In order to develop positive attitudes all children should:

  • follow the conventions of fair play and honest competition
  • cope with success and limitations in their performance
  • persevere with and consolidate their performances
  • be mindful of others in their environment


During our PE sessions our school aim is to train secure, resilient children who compete to achieve their potential through competitive experiences but ultimately to play for personal best. We like to encourage an optimistic frame of mind towards the notion of winning as well as losing within a wide range of sports. This allows everyone to celebrate a variety of sports, skills and success in themselves and others in school taking part.  All our lessons use a variety of teaching and learning styles to support and develop the children's knowledge, skills and understanding. The P.E lessons are inclusive for all our children and cater for all individuals needs and strengths. The teachers work alongside professional elite sports coaches to provide the children with the highest of quality teaching and learning within a wide variety of different physical activities and competitive games. 

PE Policy

PE Progrssion of Skills

PE Overview

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