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Autumn 2

EAD - Making Christmas cards

Maths - exploring shape using jigsaws

EAD/Literacy - making a leaf man puppet to retell the story

EAD/PD - Using large muscle movements to create a firework spatter painting

EAD - Making a chocolate wand

EAD - Kandinsky inspired art. Using circles to create a painting

Pumpkin fun - PD/CL/EAD

EAD/CL/Literacy - '1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive' - Nursery Rhyme Week

Technology/EAD - Using an IPad to make music

Understanding World - This week the children had a visit from Jack the tortoise. They learned how to look after him and what food he eats.

EAD - naming primary and secondary colours and how they can be changed