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Summer 2

Understanding the World- Bubbles

In Science (Understanding the World) the children have been blowing bubbles. Later they discussed how to make a bubble.

Maths- Number

In Maths we have been learning about making comparisons between quantities. We are working towards identifying when things are more/less or the same amount. We used lots of different counting tools and applied our learning in different contexts. We even decorated gingerbread men using our careful counting skills. Later on we compared who had more/less chocolate buttons and who had the same. We had lots of fun eating our gingerbread men!

Being Imaginative- Bubble Painting!

Topic Learning

We have been learning about summer and under the sea during topic. We had a pretend beach day outside in the playground. We had so much fun splashing water and getting wet!

Media and Materials and Understanding the World

Communication and Language

During our 'Wellcomm' focus interventions we have been learning about prepositions. 'On top, behind, under and in-front'. We carried these actions out first using beanbags and later using a chair and a teddy.

Literacy- Writing

The children have been free painting in the painting area. They have been painting lovely pictures of their families during provision. 

PSE- Friendship and RE

In PSE and RE we talked about the importance of friends. We talked about Jesus's companions and what makes a good friend. We placed pictures on our values tree of the children whilst playing and being a good friends. We ended our learning by switching on a candle and saying a prayer for our friends and a prayer for Jesus and his companions.

Maths Number- Quantities

The children have been learning about more, less and the same amount. They have learnt this through numbers, objects and amounts.