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Summer 1

Continous Provision Activities

Look through our continous provision photos. You will find a range of activities from all areas of the curriculum ready for children to explore.

Physical Development and Communication and Language

We are learning to follow simple instructions using a parachute! It was lots of fun.

Understanding the World- Eid Party

We celebrated Eid through our class party. There was lots of dancing, party games and delicious food!

Expressive Arts: Making Playdpugh

Every week Miss Abowath allows us to make the class playdough for continuous provision. We are having lots of fun but we are learning too. We have been using describing words to describe the texture of the play dough during it's making stages. We have also been mixing colours to make different colours of playdough.

Our Topic: Would you invite a dinosaur for tea?

We are digging out dinosaurs from the soil. We are very good at naming some of them and talking about how they look. We notice similarities and differences between dinosaurs and humans.

Maths- Shape Arrangements

In Maths we have enjoyed naming shapes and making arrangements with them. We have made houses, flowers, the sun and rockets!

Understanding the World- Technology

This term the children have been learning to navigate ICT equipment through pressing buttons and lifting flaps. The children also had the opportunity to use IPADS and take pictures of their peers during a focused activity. The children enjoyed navigating through various APPS independently during continous provision. 

Physical Development- Brushing Teeth

We have begun Brush Bus, this involves brushing our teeth daily. We have been talking about the importance of looking after ourselves daily.