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Miss Dublin and Mrs Blakeley love to be outside with nature. They both lead 'Gardening Club' on a Tuesdays (Summer term) for children in year 1 and year 2 from 3:15pm - 4.00pm

We wanted to create a gorgeous space for our children to appreciate nature and support our topic lessons seasons and plants.

Before and after..

The Sensory Garden is a space created to stimulate the five sense this is was done by planting and creating things that for sight, smell, taste, hear and touch.


Sight- bright beautiful colours


Smell- a variety of different plants, ranging from flowers, grass and herbs. 


Taste- a herb rack that can be eaten. We planted herbs such as mint, coriander, thyme, basil, parsley. We have also planted fruit and vegetables (strawberries and tomatoes)


Hear- wind chimes and spinners, planting a variety of grasses


Touch- all of the above

Year 1- Gardening Club- The Sensory Garden

Year 2- Gardening Club- The Sensory Garden

Thank you to all the families that have contributed by bringing a plant to school. It was amazing to see!


This week we used some of the plants to brighten up our outside quiet area. 

Our quiet area is used by all the children, so it was important to have a lovely relaxing space for them to enjoy during break and lunch time.


Year 2- Gardening- The Quiet Area

We decided, as a group, to brighten up our outdoor spaces. We have focused on the outside class room on the playground and the main entrance.

It now looks amazing!