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Autumn 2


Here is a snapshot of what we got up to in Autumn 2


The children are now settled and have begun learning through play, adult-led activities and child-initiated activities. 

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star! AM

Still image for this video

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star! AM

Still image for this video
The children adapted their favourite nursery rhyme to something a little more festive. We hope you enjoy our performance and play on words.

Christmas Party!

This week the morning and afternoon children are celebrating Christmas through a Christmas class party. We have played games, ate party food, met Santa Clause and have received lots of presents. The children have had a wonderful time celebrating. We read the Christmas story and we have also watched the Christmas story on Youtube. 

Our topic for Autumn 2 was 'I took a stroll in the deep dark woods’ 

We took a stroll on a cold Autumn Morning!- Understanding the World

The children took a walk around the playground and looked at growth, decay and changes over time. They quickly spotted the bare trees and excitedly spoke about the fallen leaves. They talked about the different colours the leaves had changed. Miss Abowath showed the children flowers from her garden that were starting to turn brown or wilt.

Sorting and counting natural found objects- Maths

In Maths the children are learning to sort by a single attribute and group according to similarities. They have began orally counting and are now apply these counting skills to count objects.

Decorating the Christmas Tree!- Understanding of the World

The children are learning about different religions, cultures and traditions. Once the children had completed decorating the Christmas tree we read the story 'Jesus was born'. The children talked about their birthdays and we discussed the significance of Jesus's birth and the meaning behind the celebration of Christmas.

Mindfulness- Physical Development

The children have been practising mindfulness. In any situation we can calm ourselves down through awareness of our breath and breathing exercises. The children used the windmills to see the impact of their breath as they breath outwards. They began building an awareness of their breath through various breath exercises. The children were encourage to think about how they felt. The children who breathed heavily just to watch the windmill spin fast said they felt tired. The children who breathed calmly and let the windmill turn at a steady pace said they did not feel tired.

Dough Gym- Physical Development/Literacy

Everyday the children have a dough gym session where they focus on patting, pressing, squeezing and rolling the play dough. This is part of physical literacy to help develop their fine motor skills. 

Meet Nibbles our new class pet!- Understand the World

We have some exciting news! We have a new class pet that we have named Nibbles. The children chose the name Nibbles because Nibbles has shown a big interest in nibbling clothing. The children spotted that she has a pink nose and sharp claws. We need to be careful with handling nibbles because she is a little scared and is still settling into her new home.


We are so pleased to have a new pet and we will be looking after her throughout the year. The children will learn to look after Nibbles and will begin to develop a sense of care and concern for her needs. They will focus on how to handle and feed their pet in an appropriate and safe manner. They will learn about exercise and it's importance for humans and animals. Using the exercise ball we will let Nibbles exercise weekly around the classroom. 

5 Little Ducks! - Maths

In Maths we have been singing lot's of different number songs. The children really enjoy singing 5 little ducks and have been using pictures, videos and objects to count, order and match the numerals to the amount.

Five Little Ducks | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Watch this video and MUCH more in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► of our favorite kids songs! ""Five little ducks went out one day...

Writing- Literacy

In Literacy we have been reading the story 'The Guffalo'. The children used mark making material in the class to draw the characters in the story. The children were encouraged to give mean to their marks. We have scribed their answers under their drawings.

Continuous Provision Learning

We have been using our Maths learning area for counting, pattern making, number matching and sorting! The children have watched the teachers model the resources and are now independently showing us their skills during continuous provision. Here are some pictures of fantastic work that we have captured!

Physical Development

In PE we have been using bats and balls. We are developing our hand and eye co-ordination that will later help us to play a tennis game!