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Autumn 2

Welcome to the Autumn 2 Subpage. Please use the clickable buttons below for an insight and examples into each of the subjects. Curriculum detail can be found below. 

Autumn 2 - Curriculum Detail

In Maths, we will be finishing off our learning on Addition and Subtraction by applying this knowledge to solve single and multi-step word problems. In our Multiplication and Division, pupils will learn how to multiply and divide by 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12. They will begin to understand mathematical vocabulary such as 'quotient' in relation to division. They will learn how to calculate multiplication equations using the multiplication facts that they know. They will understand the difference between sharing and grouping and they will understand the commutative law in multiplication. They will also solve problems involving multiplication and division. 


In Further Multiplication and Division, pupils will further develop their understanding of multiplication and division. They will learn how to divide and multiply by 1 and 0 and understand the law of commutativity. They will learn how to multiply three numbers together using prior knowledge of multiplication tables.


Pupils will use their tables and knowledge of place value to multiply multiples of 10, leading to the multiplication of 2-digit numbers using short multiplication. They will use their knowledge of multiplying multiples of 10 when multiplying multiples of 100, leading to multiplying 3-digit numbers using short multiplication.



In English, we are using ‘The Lion & The Unicorn and Other Hairy Tales’ by Jane Ray as our core text. We will read a range of stories and texts including, but not limited to, 'Theseus and the Minotaur' and 'The Heavenly Elephant'. By the end of the half-term, we will use this new knowledge gained to write a set of instructions on how to escape the Minotaur's Labyrinth as well as a short narrative inspired by 'The Heavenly Elephant'.



In Science, we will be continuing to learn all about ‘Living things and their habitats’. We will recognise that livings things can be grouped in a variety of ways. We will explore and use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment. We will also recognise that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things.



In our History Topic, we will be continuing to learn all about ‘The Shang Dynasty’. We will locate China on a map, look at the earliest life in China and how Shang came to power. We will learn how early Chinese society began, comparing it to the learning we did of the Stone Age – Iron Age. We will learn about the different roles and hierarchy that existed in these times as well as looking and analysing a range of artefacts and sources. We will look at the relationship of the Shang Dynasty and the rise of Bronze and how this impacted daily culture. We will look at warfare and meet people such as the fierce warrior Lady Fu Hao and her tomb.



In our Geography Topic, we will be continuing to learn all about ‘What is so great about Manchester?’ We will be learning about the location of Manchester (nearby towns and cities, counties and regions) as well as looking at the difference between Great Britain, The British Isles and the United Kingdom. We will look at human and physical features of Manchester and how it has changed over time (Industrial Revolution). We will also conduct some fieldwork linked to Manchester and use our map skills, compass direction points, and 4-figure grid references.



In our Art Topic, we are finishing off our learning of 'Art and Design skills'. We will carve sculptures out of soap referring to the works of Barbara Hepworth, we will learn how paint and mix colours like Paul Cézanne, and we will draw still-life artworks like Giorgio Morandi, before learning about the role of a ‘curator’.



Miss York will be teaching French. In the unit of 'In the Classroom', we will be introduced to the imperative mood with classroom commands and the concept of noun gender, which determines the form of the indefinite article to be used. The children learn to respond to and give simple instructions, learn and use vocabulary for items commonly found in a school bag, and begin to build simple sentences using 'I have a...' and 'I don't have a...' constructions and simple conjunctions, 'and' and 'but'. By the end of the unit, the children use all they have learned, including rules of adjectival position, to write short descriptions in French and to give a presentation on what is in their school bag. 



In DT, we will be learning all about food and how to adapt a recipe. The children will work in groups to adapt a simple biscuit recipe, to create the tastiest biscuit. While making, they will also ensure that their creation comes within the given budget of overheads and costs of ingredients. 



In Music, we are having lessons taught to us by Mr O’Brien from Technola. This half-term, we are focusing on composition (Write it Right - Level 2). We will use Garageband to record vocal tracks to layer into songs and learn how to arrange music, sample sounds, and adding harmonies. We will use smart instruments and beat sequencers to create unique rhythms and loops alongside pre-recorded materials and MIDI files. The focus is folk music and we will use 'Wellerman' as inspiration for our arrangement. We are continuing our learning on the ukulele with Mr. Jones on a Tuesday. We have learnt a few chords (C, Am) and what staff notation represents. 


In Computing, we are having lessons taught to us by Mr O'Brien from Technola. This half-term, we are focusing on Robotics (Go, Robot! Level 2 - Robot Factory). We will create programs to guide a robot around a factory using loops and functions to complete the course in the most efficient way possible. We will look at a range of case studies throughout the module for real-life examples. 



In RE, we will be finishing off our learning of 'God, David and the Psalms'. We will learn all about how David is a key figure in God’s plan for His people and learn that some Christians have had to endure great struggles and persevere in difficult circumstances to keep faith in God and follow his way. We will then start our new unit: Christmas, exploring the symbolism of light. We will develop our understanding of the Christian belief that Jesus is the, 'Light of the World', and explore the multi-faceted metaphor of bringing light into people's lives. We will focus on Christianity and the festival of Hanukkah (Judaism)



In PE, we will be having lessons taught to us by the Sports Coach on a Thursday morning. We will be learning ‘Basketball’ this half-term. We will continue to develop our basketball passing, moving with and shooting the ball. The children are to come to school in their PE kit with their school jumper. Children will not need to get change during the day.